OverWoke is a blog, podcast, website, educational resource, and platform.

Trying to get people together to cut out the noise and focus on solving the issues we face locally and globally. To find people in communities around the world who want to be leaders of change, and have honest conversations about the issues in our world. But not be politicians or corporate leaders.

Stepping outside of the past and thinking in futuristic terms and methods. Utilizing new age technologies and knowledge to leave behind the old government and corporate paradigm. Truly and genuinely focusing on encouraging intelligent conversations, and actionable plans for the future design of our world. To hear about your issues. To put our brains together to come up with solutions for the issues at hand. Once we’ve worked through detailed plans together offer this site as a resource for people to share those plans and ideas to not only potentially help others with similar issues. But get resources allocated to attempt to solve the issues.

OverWoke is not seeking any money or finances. But to find, unite, encourage, and organize leaders across the world. To share, build, and create an equalized bright future.

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