OverWoke the humanitarian project

Date: June 21, 2020

Author: M.K. Ultra

I’m looking to start conversations. I want them to be hard and deep. With love and non-violence at their core. These conversations are to be never ending. I don’t want them to succumb to insults and hatred. I don’t want them to be with liars. I don’t want them to be arguments, let alone divisive arguments about politics. I want them to be long and insightful with real people. Comment sections and trolls removed from the conversation.

The point of these conversations is to look deep within ourselves as individuals, local communities, and a global world. To say we’ve had enough with the current power paradigm. We want change. Real change. No picking sides. No tribalistic nonsense. No accusations and deflecting blame.

What are the issues you are facing and the issues the community that surrounds you are facing? What are the issues our world is facing? What can be done to solve them if we had all the funds to get the resources to fix them?

If you would like to be a contributor to this blog and project. If you would like to have a conversation and record it to be released as a public podcast. Please contact OverWoke.