So you want to put an end to capitalism?

Date: July 15, 2020

Author: M.K. Ultra

I’m all for a revolution as long as violence and destruction of property are not on the table.

Everyone is up in arms about the evils of capitalism again. People more and more want a revolution. A system overhaul. True change. But does anyone have a clue what system they want to replace this one with? I know you Bernie bro’s want democratic socialism, and I agree his rhetoric sounds fantastic when spoken. Who wouldn’t want free healthcare for all. Free education, and all the other wonders of a “democratic socialist” system. It drives people who lean this way nuts but I have to say it… NOTHING is free!

The problem with wanting to end capitalism is we’re all capitalists!

I’m sure there are actually some full on communists out there who want the people (the state) to have absolute control over the distribution of capital, wealth, and resources. This of course is an allocation efficiency nightmare, and I think most people want more control over their lives than less.
The revolutionaries out there and their faithful followers who are going after capitalism I believe, are actually going after the elitist class who have extremely uneven control over resources in our global society. They call them capitalists and the system capitalism. The truth is this current system is not truly free market capitalism. Nor is it a true democracy. Yes there are socialist elements all through out it in some places more than others as well, and socialist ideals are a noble thing to strive for. What this system is exactly is what it’s been for as long as history has been history. We live under a global oligarchy. These people, the corporate and government systems work together and against each other to maintain a perverse wealth and power that only few ever know. All the while the working and poor classes are slaves, and at their mercy. Every once in a while an anomaly breaks through into that world, but it’s nearly impossible. Over all the standard of living for the human population slowly gets better, but not fast enough.

Trickle down theory works. Just not well…

People still want to be able to go out in the world to make free exchanges for goods and services. Work for companies and start their own. Make money and spend it how they see fit. I lean more towards a market system over all, but I am well aware that most people want a healthy mix of a market and socialist governing system. Overall I think most people agree that this system is inconsistent, overwhelmingly unfair, is structured in such a way that it benefits the top 1%, and makes it nearly impossible to climb higher the lower down the class structure you go.


Let’s talk about the revolution and the system we want, in plain sight of our capitalist overlords. Not only that but how we are going to achieve our goals practically in the world today by using our minds and creativity. Not pointing fingers and descending into mob like behaviour. Contact OverWoke if you want to have a vocal or written discussion about it, to be presented on OverWoke. You can contact OverWoke here:

The one thing I have trouble with is this idea that we can use the current political system to change or reform the system as a whole. I want a more egalitarian world just like (almost) everyone does. I think we need to have very open and public conversations about it. I think protests had their time and place in the past but the powers that be have strategies to hijack them. This leads to a chaotic mess that only solidifies the power of the corporate state. Our protests need to take on a different and more powerful form.
The idea of protest was to express to the government representatives that we want changes in the policies of the system. Unfortunately I don’t think this kind of civil obedience is going to accomplish anything other than the powers of the world locking us down under a martial law police prison state. We need to be smarter with our organization. Not enable mob mentality but encourage intelligent strategy.

The problem with the system now, is it is rotten at its core. Maybe we need a new one?

Accountability has become so compartmentalized that no parties are at risk of any real consequences for their mismanagement both in government and the corporate world. These two institutions work together to solidify their dominance and power over the working class. They hold all the cards.

I am trying to keep each blog post from going too long and in depth. This subject I think is extremely complicated from a national stand point to a global one. Our world is becoming more and more globalized. Cultures and systems are clashing. OverWoke is looking for any of the over seven billion of you that want to have down to earth discussions about what we want to see socially, economically, and politically. What our future world will look like, and how we can get there as peacefully and non-violently as possible.