End the drug war already!

Date: July 22, 2020

Author: M.K. Ultra

As global citizens we need to demand that possession of plants or their derivatives of any kind are completely decriminalized. No one anywhere on the planet should be thrown in jail for growing, possessing, or using plants of any kind in any kind of form. It is criminal in itself that people are made criminal for these acts.

The war on drugs is an absolutely mind bogglingly extreme failure, and has ruined the lives of millions in so many ways around the world. All for what!?

In the US in 2018 more then 1.4 million people were arrested for possession alone


The violent attempt to control naturally growing plants has only facilitated and encouraged violent and vicious gangs to spread and grow in this insane multi decade “war”.


It is complete madness that we have ever given the state this kind of power. The truth is the people didn’t. The megalomanic corporate business interests are the ones who lobbied the governments to enact these policies. Doesn’t anyone find it quite strange that although plants like Opium and their black market counterparts heroin are illegal. Yet still it is completely legal for big pharma mega corporations to sell the extracts of opium like morphine, oxytocin, and fentanyl to make billions of dollars a year?

The extracts from Coca, the plant most commonly known for creating Cocaine are legally distributed to hospitals and doctors across the US and the world. Anesthetics such as novacaine and xylocaine (lidocaine) have been discovered and are used extensively as local anesthetics. (1)

I know many people still remain uninformed about these facts and are conditioned to think that these are dangerous drugs. But the reality is the only reason they are so highly controlled is because the plants can be grown by virtually anyone and have many therapeutic, and other health benefits. The only way for big business to make the billions they’ve made and continue to make is by making all of them illegal for the general public, and having strict regulations over the control and sales of the extract. If they weren’t illegal all people could benefit from them and the cost would be radically cheeper.

We are definitely moving in the right direction with the US legalizing hemp and many States legalizing cannabis for both medical and recreational use. But we still have such a long way to go!

If this topic speaks to you and you want to explore it deeper. Contact OverWoke and have a discussion. Let’s plan how to get this information out to the world more and more so we can FREE THE PLANTS, and most importantly FREE THE PEOPLE who have been wrongly mistreated and imprisoned for something that isn’t a crime!