Date: July 29, 2020

Author: M.K. Ultra

It’s about people…

I am not a professor or academic of any kind, but this is something that bothers me a lot…  People’s apparent lack of understanding of basic economics.  So, from one layman to another.

When you think or say that certain people “Should stop talking about the economy, that they should care about people.  That’s what matters”. Or “Stuff is replaceable, people are not”.  You are trying to sound like you care about people, but missing that the economy is specifically the global collective of people and how we distribute resources to each other. Resources keep us not only alive but determine our standard of living.

The word is simple but the complexity of what that word entails matters so much.

People need resources to live and survive.  It is extremely easy for people to consume, use, and even waste resources.  It is not easy in the slightest to produce the resources required for over seven billion of us to live and survive.  It’s exceptionally hard to distribute these resources efficiently and effectively to all the people on the planet.  Not to mention there are different kinds of resources and everyone (after basic human needs) has completely different needs for resources than others. 

Resources are finite, but human desires are infinite.

A healthy economy.  An efficient economy is very important for people.  So, caring about the economy is fundamentally caring about people.  Not just certain people but all people.  If our economy falls apart people suffer greatly.  An inefficient unbalanced economy can create more suffering than any war or virus ever could.  Attempts to implement communism are great examples of how an inefficient economic system resulted in the death of hundreds of millions of people.  Look it up!

The future is uncertain and always will be.  Resources are finite and always will be.

Understanding economics is fundamental for all people if we want to have a more equal society.  Everyone is up in arms about pointing out so called “White Privilege” while they waste resources.  While they destroy resources.  While they consume resources.  While they completely ignore their very own privilege by living in this western world.  Whether you want to acknowledge it or not.  No matter the color of your skin.  If you live in the west and can afford to buy a Big Mac and a bottle of water every day you are privileged.  There are hundreds of millions of people who struggle for a healthy amount of drinking water every day, let alone any food.  It is a privilege to live in this society.  It is a privilege that you can protest against your leaders and people of power and not be murdered or imprisoned in labor camps.  It’s your privilege to be able to post virtue signalling memes all day and actually do nothing to make this society better.  It is your privilege to think that you deserve more financial resources just for being human in this society.  It is a privilege to think you deserve more but want the government or some other third party to take care of the details for you.


We all want.

  1.  Infrastructure that brings us water to our houses.  For drinking, cleaning, bathing, and a variety of other uses.
  2. Emergency services.
  3. Healthcare.
  4. Education.

To name a few…

Those four alone come with an almost infinite complexity of production and allocation that is near impossible.  Especially if no wants to do the work required.  No legal framework, legislation, or regulation written by our ever so honorable politicians will ever provide us with an abundance of these services.  It can’t be done.  Not unless every human worked about 14 hours a day developing multiple professional skills and doing the real-world work.


Number one alone as a collective to implement and maintain takes an enormous amount of resources and skilled labour.  This is all talking in terms of North America let alone the rest of the globe.  Which brings me back to allocating resources that are finite. 

It is insanely complex and difficult work to mine the resources to then manufacture the piping needed to bring us all the water we need.  It also takes a lot of resources to get the piping to the locations where it is needed.  It then requires a fair amount of human resources (YES whether you like it or not humans ARE resources) to install the piping.  On top of once you have the piping system successfully installed we have to maintain it! This is also ignoring the details like all the required tools and parts for construction and maintenance.

Long story short.  You got a problem with the system.  Get to work!  Screaming and bitching does not count as work.  Protesting your government to do something is not doing work.  Work is developing skills and putting them to use.  Not only that.  But when you become a skilled professional not stopping there but moving on to be a multi-skilled professional. 

Understanding the infinite complexity of the economy and how we make it more efficient.  How we design it to be more sustainable and manifest more abundance.  How we decide who gets what and where things go.  These are all the responsibility of every one of us.  So, care about the economy because it is truly caring about people. Care about “stuff” because we need “stuff” to survive and maintain a standard of living.  These things we all need to survive and strive, so don’t waste them.

Do you feel like the current economic system is unfair?  Contact OverWoke and let’s talk about what a better economy would like.  What a future more egalitarian economy could be.