What would a global citizen constitution look like?

Date: August 12, 2020

Author: M.K. Ultra

Watching the so called “ANTIFA” or “Radical Left” act like lost mentally ill children destroying America from within has me concerned and thinking. Clearly there is a vast dissatisfaction with the way the system has operated in the past up to this point, and is continuing to operate now.

Whether we like it or not human’s need systems that is quite certain. I personally have the ideals I strive towards for a future I believe to be best for everyone, and we can argue idealistic fantasies until the cows come home. The truth is we have what we have now and it is cracking at its foundation, and the band-aids won’t hold much longer. It’s not only that. We the west are battling with communist china and a variety of other states for economic superiority. But as this is happening we are becoming more and more connected, along with our visions of how this future global society will be organized.

The conspiracy theorists will tell you that the NWO already exists. A global order of rich assholes that run the world behind closed doors. And they don’t give a shit about you, only that their power and wealth remains absolute. I do believe this to be true to a certain degree. One thing for sure is globalization is enviable so let’s ignore the NWO and make our own!


Using blockchain technology and the global internet of connectivity I am sure we can openly discuss and democratically agree upon one. Once we’ve finalized it we can place it on the blockchain where it will remain forever.

If you would like to have an honest, and intelligent discussion about this give OverWoke a shout!

If we want to truly revolt against the current system we would need to reject it as a whole. BUT NOT DESTROY IT IMMEDIATELY. We would need a clear constitution for this new global society we are building. A clear plan that we talk blatantly about in plain sight of the powers that be. Live by the global citizen constitution and carefully dismantle the old system.

What would the constitution look like?

What would our global laws be?

LET’S KEEP IT SIMPLE and not convoluted by legal mumbo jumbo. Here’s a start.

  1. Any human who murders another must be locked in jail by society.
  2. Any human who uses physical violence for any reason must be locked in jail by society. Unless it was for self-defense from another using violence.
  3. Property rights must be respected from a person’s pencil to their home to a business and beyond.
  4. Corporations are illegal entities. Any corporation that exists during the time of implementation of the global constitution must abide by the heavy regulations that exist. Businesses are free and encouraged to be created but the creation of corporations are forbidden.
  5. The law protects the human individual only, and all humans are equal.
  6. All human’s have freedom of thought, expression, and speech.
  7. No state is allowed to go to war with another. Military’s only purpose is to protect its owns countries borders as they stand today. If any military tries to breach the borders of another the rest of the world’s militaries will stop this.
  8. The protection and sustainability of the environment is pivotal

I know what you’re thinking “M.K, did all that LCD the C.I.A gave you mess up your brain?”


But think about it. Truly think about it. We are becoming a global world. Do we really want billionaires and politicians who constantly lie to us day after day, decade after decade in charge of this global system? Or do we want to dissolve that kind of power so it can never exist in the future?

Think about it…