OverWoke, an open source humanitarian project

Date: February 3, 2022

Author: M.K. Ultra

OverWoke, an open source humanitarian project is looking to start conversations, that are hard and deep. Mindfully crafted, with love and non-violence at their core. Intentionally designing conversations to be never ending, while avoiding succumbing too insults and hatred. Especially, not with liars. While avoiding, heated arguments let alone divisive arguments about politics. So that they are long and insightful with real people, removing comment sections, bots, and trolls from the conversation.

Because the point of these conversations is to look deep within ourselves as individuals, local communities, and a global world.

Standing up to say we’ve had enough with the current power paradigm, and that we want change. Genuine, long lasting, and positive real change. For example, stop picking sides in an attempt to avoid tribalistic nonsense. While, accepting our personal and collective responsibilities. Above all, putting an end to the finger pointing accusations, and blame deflection. Observing the technology, tools, and knowledge we have can improve the lives of every human on the planet, if used wisely and efficiently. Acknowledging the old system is failing. Consequently needing more than just an update. Ultimately, it needs an entire reprogramming. How can we do this in a way that rapidly reduces violence, natural disaster, and human suffering? By exponentially increasing every human beings standard of living and quality of life.

So, what are the issues you are facing and the issues the community that surrounds you are facing?

The issues that our world is facing? What can be done to solve them if we had all the funds to get the resources to fix them? Let’s build solid plans and freely share them with everyone. No hidden agenda. The only goal is to create systemic blueprints free for everyone to implement, an open source humanitarian project. No grandiose global policies that use force to achieve idealistic collectivist agendas. Just real people trying to help each other out.

If you would like to be a contributor to this blog and project. If you would like to have a conversation and record it to be released as a public podcast. Please contact OverWoke.