When will the woke actually wake up?

People need to stop pointing the fingers and take a hard look at themselves. It’s the same old story all throughout history. Pin the blame on a person, or a symbolic representation of something much greater. A good portion of people express that the madness in the world today can be solely attributed to a […]

What would a global citizen constitution look like?

Watching the so called “ANTIFA” or “Radical Left” act like lost mentally ill children destroying America from within has me concerned and thinking. Clearly there is a vast dissatisfaction with the way the system has operated in the past up to this point, and is continuing to operate now. Whether we like it or not […]

Introducing The H.O.M.E. Project

This is the first in a long line of concepts OverWoke is committed to exploring over time, and hopefully building. Can systems be designed, implemented, and sustainable indefinitely that will tackle humanities greatest issues? Outside of the corporate/government paradigm? The H.O.M.E. Project is an attempt at just that. This is the first draft of a […]


I am not a professor or academic of any kind, but this is something that bothers me a lot…  People’s apparent lack of understanding of basic economics.  So, from one layman to another. When you think or say that certain people “Should stop talking about the economy, that they should care about people.  That’s what […]

End the drug war already!

As global citizens we need to demand that possession of plants or their derivatives of any kind are completely decriminalized. No one anywhere on the planet should be thrown in jail for growing, possessing, or using plants of any kind in any kind of form. It is criminal in itself that people are made criminal […]

So you want to put an end to capitalism?

Everyone is up in arms about the evils of capitalism again. People more and more want a revolution. A system overhaul. True change. But does anyone have a clue what system they want to replace this one with? I know you Bernie bro’s want democratic socialism, and I agree his rhetoric sounds fantastic when spoken. […]

Aunt J and corporate PR misdirection.

Keep on pushing for change, don’t let logo change be a free pass. During the madness of our times there have been protests around the world.  In response to the video that surfaced of the brutal treatment of George Floyd, who ended up dying during his arrest.  The results of these protests have led to […]

OverWoke the humanitarian project

I’m looking to start conversations. I want them to be hard and deep. With love and non-violence at their core. These conversations are to be never ending. I don’t want them to succumb to insults and hatred. I don’t want them to be with liars. I don’t want them to be arguments, let alone divisive […]