The Project

As a global human society, we need to solve the ever-growing global poverty and homelessness crisis.  Together we must get past arguing about the how and the why.  The reality is we will never get to a point where every human on the planet will have the mental and physical health to take care of themselves.  Nor be able to succeed competitively in the global economic market, and accept as a society that we need to come up with a compassionate and sustainable solution for this reality.  This project is an attempt to build an honest and realistic plan to tackle this issue, and create a system that can be implemented globally to help people locally, at the same time being sustainable indefinitely.  Helping people who will be perpetually, and the people who are only temporarily homeless, along with anyone in need on a daily basis.  Taking a free market approach to this issue outside of the old paradigm by utilizing blockchain technology and philosophies in its fundamental design to create a DAO charity.  This project is called The H.O.M.E. Project, which stands for Housing On Mother Earth. 

(Provide any individual in need on a 24-hour basis)

  • Healthy food and clean water
  • Overnight shelter. A small private room with a bed, shower, toilet, and sink.


We don’t want to hear about anything other than ideas on how a system like this can be built and sustained. Think about it…

Some ideas:

  1. Governance token called “Virtue Signal”?
  2. We would need the facility to be owned by no one. Tax exempt public land.
  3. Zero ability to game this system in any way, yet still have a profit incentive to game theory people into maintaining it indefinitely.

Right now The H.O.M.E. Project is in the theoretical brainstorming stage. We encourage anyone to take part by providing thoughtful, insightful ideas, constructive criticisms, and skills.

The H.O.M.E. Project’s one and only mandate is to provide people in need on a 24 hour basis with:

  1. Healthy food and clean drinking water
  2. Overnight shelter. A small private room with a bed, shower, toilet, and sink.

There is no other purpose or goal. The method for achieving this is centred towards a voluntary blockchain DAO charity implementation globally.